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Dreams are whispers from your soul about what lights your inner fire. Believe in the power of your dreams, and in your ability to achieve them.

Mindset of a Champion

Bianca Andreescu is a shining example of someone who believed in her ability to make her dream come true. This past weekend, she won the U.S. Open women’s tennis match against Serena Williams. Bianca said afterwards, “I was dreaming of this moment for the longest time.” Bianca attributes her success to a lot of hard work, up levelling her skills, and a supportive team around her. What helped propel her all the way to victory was her mental strength. She brought the  the mindset of a champion to the game. She was able to remain focused, and solid in her belief that she could win. She demonstrated amazing ability to handle the pressure of the match. There were moments she said the roar of the crowd in Serena’s favour was almost deafening. Her response to the noise was to put her fingers in her ears so that she wouldn’t be distracted. She kept going, no matter what. In that moment, she was determination and persistence personified.


I was very interested to learn that Bianca used visualization as a powerful technique to help strengthen her mindset. She said that she visualized winning the championship on a regular basis. She made it part of her practice. I have heard that many athletes use visualization to achieve their goals. Visualization involves imagining your desired outcome in detail incorporating as many of your senses (sight, sound, feelings etc.) as possible. Repetition and clear focus are the keys to success with visualization. Being disciplined about having a daily routine is essential. The more you do it, the better you get at visualizing.

Visualizing may be used in any number of applications, not only in the sports realm. It may be used to reduce anxiety over specific situations, such as public speaking, or even for health and wellness purposes. I have used visualizing techniques in my own life with respect to energy healing. I became introduced to energy healing in 2006 when I saw Adam McLeod interviewed on television on the news program Canada AM. Adam came to Toronto from Vancouver for about ten years and gave workshops on how to use visualization with the intention to heal yourself, or others. I went every year, and in the early years, twice a year. I didn’t attend the workshops initially for any specific ailment. I was just fascinated by the concept. As it turned out, I was able to use the technique for healing in my own life. Just over a year after attending my first workshop, I discovered I had an ovarian cyst that was 6 cm in size. Every night before sleep, I put an orange calcite crystal on my abdomen, and I imagined dissolving the cyst. At my next doctor’s appt, about three months later, the cyst was gone. It had completely vanished. I was delighted, and amazed. From that point on, my belief was  solidifed about the power of visualizing. Visualizations for health purposes are a wonderful tool to use in ADDITION to other health practices. I totally believe in integrative medicine. Adam doesn’t visit Toronto on a regular basis anymore. If you would like to check out more about him, and energy healing, here is his website.

Gemstones as Tools for Transformation

Something else that I thought was cool about Bianca was that she wore a rubber band just above her elbow on the arm she held her racquet in. A reporter asked her about this, and she replied basically because it felt good. There could be any number of reasons why she frequently wears it on her arm during a match. Perhaps it is a talisman of sorts, and it gives her a feeling of support, or it reminds her to be conscious of how she is holding the racquet. Who knows? The main point is that it made her feel good. That is exactly what the intent is behind my jewelry. Each piece of my jewelry has a story, or a vibe, that the wearer can connect with. All my jewelry is made with gemstones or symbols that have meaning. Like Bianca’s rubber band, I wear a fire agate bracelet from my collection called “Transformation almost every day. Fire agate has many wonderful qualities. It inspires vitality, creativity, and action. It is believed to be a very spiritual, and protective stone that transforms negative energy. Bottom line is it makes me feel good. Not only does the bracelet have wonderful energy, but the stones are gorgeous too! Check out the gemstone bracelet here. 

Focus on Believing

Bianca was inspiring to me not only because I love tennis (I grew up playing the game well into my twenties on a regular basis), but for how she handled herself during the match. She was a champion in terms of her technical skill, physical fitness, and mental strength. She reminded me of what it was like to be her age, and to believe with complete conviction that anything is possible. Sometimes we all need reminders from young, fresh eyes about how to tap into that laser-like focus. She truly is an example of someone who shines her light, lives her truth, and expresses her soul without limits. I love her spirit. She is a beacon for all fellow Canadians. Without a doubt, #SheTheNorth. 

If you have a story about something you have done to strengthen your mindset and received a positive result, I'd love to hear about it! Please share in the comments section below. :) 

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