Creativity Is Soul Expression

Life is your canvas. You are the painter. You paint the story of your life through creative soul expression. - Soul Expression Jewelry - 

I have always been drawn to people who "think outside of the box". People who are unafraid to think and be different from everyone else. I find these types of people attractive because they express their unique essence and ideas, and by doing so, it brings a fresh, creative, perspective to the world. 

In this blog, I will discuss more about creativity as it relates to soul expression and share a gemstone that is wonderful for enhancing your creative energy. 

Einstein and Creativity

Inventive and imaginative are two words associated with the ability to think originally. The following quote by Einstein is one of my favourites. “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.” This is the essence of creativity. Creativity involves creating something new that is a reflection of YOU even if the source of inspiration was outside of yourself. If we all thought, said, and did things in the same manner there would be no new discoveries in the world. (i.e. We still would be convinced the world is flat.) We would be throwing away the creative potential inherent in our soul’s unique expression.

It is well known that Einstein was a genius, and responsible for brilliant discoveries in the field of science. What I found intriguing was that he had a deep love for music in his personal life. He began playing the violin as a child and music remained a passion for him his entire life. Who knows if his creative expression in music had an influence on the development of his overall intellect? One thing is certain though, Einstein was an exceptional and extraordinary creative thinker. 

Mercury in Astrology: Style of Thinking and Communication

The planet mercury in astrology governs communication. Whatever zodiac sign is in mercury in your birth chart will influence your style of thinking and communicating. For example, a manager who has their mercury in Aries will have a quite different way of delivering information to their employees then a manager who has their mercury in Pisces. (The zodiac sign in mercury in your birth chart does not have to be the same as your sun sign.)

Astrology is useful for understanding people that you are connected to on a deeper level. (It could apply to personal and professional situations) As Stephen Covey says, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Having a better understanding of others will increase the likelihood of creating more meaningful and productive conversations and relationships.

I have always been interested in how people think which is what led me to pursue a degree in psychology at university, and study astrology as a hobby. I was captivated by astrology from my first introduction to it by a piano teacher when I was fourteen years old. She gave me Linda Goodman's Sun Signs book to read. I became pretty good at identifying someone's sun sign when I met them for the first time by interpreting what I picked up from their "energy" before I knew what their sign was. This was something I did naturally after starting to learn about astrology. :) From Linda Goodman's first book on, I continued my journey learning more about astrology. I realized quickly that there is far more detailed information to it than simply reading your sun sign in the daily newspaper which people did at the time for fun. I recognized that a natal chart was a blueprint for every individual and contained a vast amount of information about that persons unique essence and potential.  

If you are interested in finding out what zodiac sign is in mercury in your birth chart go to This website will create a free birth chart for you. 

As a young person, it didn't make sense to me why anyone would prejudge topics they knew very little about and discount them. My personal approach has always been to have an open mind and believe that anything is possible unless proven that it isn't. As time went on, I realized that some people are very threatened by ideas that are foreign to them because they challenge their core beliefs. Our beliefs are intricately linked to our view of ourselves and the world we live in. I learned that the more fragile someone's self esteem is, the greater their need is (often) to control, and protect, their perspective. All of this is to say, the more unconditionally you love yourself, the less your identity will be tied to, or threatened by, other people's opinions of you, or ideas that are different than yours. Speak your truth, live your truth, and express your unique soul. 

Human beings are different from each other in how they look, feel, think, and act. What they share is their worth as a human being is the same. Shine your unique light and you will encourage others to do the same.  

Creativity is Soul Expression 

I feel deeply that being creative is a way to unleash the power of your soul. I believe that we are here on earth to incarnate as much of our soul’s potential as possible, and to courageously offer our gifts to the world. 

Everyone expresses their creativity differently. It may take many forms. The more you use your creative ability the stronger it will become. By simply introducing change, or learning something new, you are inserting a creative element into your life. Do a regular activity in a different way, go for a walk in an unfamiliar area, or sign up for a course to learn a new skill. New sights, sounds, and experiences will open your mind to possibilities and shift your perspective. Change and new experiences are like a breath of fresh air!

Gemstones and Creativity

Gemstones are wonderful to wear to assist with tapping into your creative energy. Carnelian is a gorgeous gemstone that is excellent for this purpose. For that reason, I was inspired to create the carnelian statement necklace called  "Express Your Soul". 

Each carnelian spike is different in hue, shape, and size. The natural pieces of carnelian showcase the beauty of things that are not identical but are unique. This necklace is a beautiful reminder to embrace your uniqueness and let your creativity flow. 


Find the carnelian gemstone beaded necklace here.  

I leave you with this last quote by Einstein. “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” I find this to be true. When people view a creative work of art, they are often inspired by it. For some, it may touch a chord within them and promote a cathartic response which moves them in some way. For others, it may inspire them to look within themselves and create something that is a unique reflection of who they are.

Creativity initiates the movement of your spirit within you, no matter how big, or small. The gift it offers you is insight, discovery, and endless opportunities for soul expression. 

What inspires your creativity?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below. :)

With love + soul, 






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