Soul Expression: Celebrate the Essence of Women

Happy first day of March! March is a special month for a few reasons. This month we welcome the change of seasons from winter to spring. All around us we witness the emergence of new life, and growth in nature. Spring is the season of fresh starts. 

International Women’s Day

March is also special because on March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day. The intent behind International Women’s Day is to celebrate women’s rights to inspire gender equality. The first official International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. It continued to be celebrated in various countries within Europe from this point in time. It wasn’t until March 8th, 1975 that the United Nations made it an official day. Each year there is a different theme. This year’s theme is associated with the hashtags #eachforequal and #seeher.

This is such an important movement. The idea that women are an inferior being to men has been a common theme in society and across all cultures forever. My Mother's experience is a perfect example of this old way of thinking. As a young woman, my Mom had a dream of becoming a nurse. There was no money, or support, given to her by her family for further education simply because she was a female. Her family was not well-off by any means, but it wasn't even CONSIDERED to help her find a way to make this dream a reality. The reality was that the treatment and attitude towards her three brothers was far different then the way that she was treated. It is not uncommon that exposure to this kind of thinking becomes internalized by men and women, and is continued with future generations. 

I have seen firsthand in a business environment how men have been paid more for doing the same work as a woman. I have witnessed how it was necessary for women to emphasize masculine characteristics, and minimize feminine ones, in order to move up the ranks within a corporate organization. 

There are shifts happening in the landscape now but there is still a lot of work to do on awareness. Many of the young men today are much more aware which is good news. We are seeing a mixture of masculine and feminine characteristics in both genders. Doesn’t having a mixture of both qualities make us overall more well-rounded HUMAN BEINGS?

The Divine Feminine

In honour of International Women’s Day, I would like to pay tribute to the divine feminine which is the essence within all women, and their birthright. It is the chord that connects all women in terms of intuition, creativity, community, and collaboration.  I like the connotation behind the hashtag for International Women’s Day #eachforequal . It implies that we each have a responsibility to lift one another up. To encourage collaboration and community. And to expect equality for all genders. The hashtag #seeher speaks to the awareness that is needed in society to "see" the female worth. It is equally as important that all women recognize the power of the divine feminine within themselves, and that they FEEL their own worth. The following is a beautiful poem that ties into that sentiment. 

“She inspires me and balances me
With her tender embraces
Loving me so unconditionally
Patiently waiting
The remembering and soul awakening she in me
Who is She
She teaches me with her presence and beauty
Never taken for granted
Her divine counterpart of her femininity
In awe of her birthright Soul creation and soul creativity
How can I not love She
She nourishes me and cares for me
Like mother and child
Nursing me with her feminine symmetry
Ready to receive
Vulnerable, I enter her mystery
I’ve finally found She
She loves me to love me
Knowing my achievements
Are not just mine but her story
A playground of infinity
And to play is our natural state of creativity
Oh how I’ve missed She
She sees me as I see she
Soul penetrating soul
Lost in translation has been this true reality
But now I can simply be
Intertwined in this profound reverence of her Divine Femininity
I Love She”
– Mahabija

I will leave you with the suggestion to incorporate the gemstone rose quartz into your life if you desire to encourage a more unconditionally loving mindset for yourself. I have a few rose quartz pieces in my collection. To have a look at the "Love & Hope" rose quartz gemstone bracelet click here

Will you be involved in any International Women’s Day celebrations? Please share in the comments section below. :)

With love and soul,




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