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 “Where attention goes energy flows.” James Redfield. This has been true for me in the last month or so. I have let writing blogs fall by the way side. The pandemic that has swept into the world has affected all our lives. A big part of my attention has been on what used to be the simple task of getting groceries for my household and others. The panic buying that has taken place hasn’t made it easy getting supplies. We have all faced similar challenges. More then ever we are relying on tools and techniques for keeping calm, healthy, and focused on faith over fear. I discuss below how gemstones are a wonderful tool for bringing empowering and healing energy into our lives. 

The silver lining of this virus has been that it has forced people to realize that we are all connected and that the only way to get through this is TOGETHER. We are all part of something much larger than just our small corners of the world. The pandemic is evidence of how our behaviour has a ripple effect on others that is far reaching. Every person has the power to make a difference no matter their age, race, gender, education, social status etc. It is heart warming to see how many people are offering comfort, suggestions, and support to others in an effort to lift each other up during these trying times. In that spirit, I offer to you what I know about gemstones as tools of empowerment.


Energetic Properties, Chakra Associations, Healing

All gemstones possess energetic properties that resonate with the chakras (that are the energy centers) within our bodies. When the chakras in our body are balanced and flowing in alignment, it creates a healthier environment for our mind, body, and spirit. Each chakra is related to different parts of the body and is associated with specific emotions.


 Root – sense of security, feeling supported, trust

Sacral – the center for sexual energy and creativity

Solar Plexus – sense of self-worth, personal power, confidence

Heart – the center of love, and healing

Throat – the center for communication, self expression, and truth.

Third Eye – the center for intuition, perspective, empathy.

Crown – the center for spiritual awareness, consciousness, purpose.

Wearing gemstones on our body assists with clearing and energizing our chakras and healing the emotions that are associated with these centers. The key word here is assists. Gemstones provide an energetic tool for us to tap into but we must apply our FOCUSED INTENTIONS in conjunction with them. If we wear a rose quartz bracelet because we are attracted to it for its association with unconditional love, we must consciously choose to keep focusing on thoughts and feelings that are from a loving mindset in order to see improvement. If you are wearing a bracelet on your wrist, simply seeing it on your wrist during the day is a useful trigger to check in on the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that you are creating.

Symbolic & Meaningful

Gemstones have been part of my life for years in many ways. I have used them for self healing which I mentioned in my blog “Believe in Your Dreams Like A Champion”. I meditate with them. I journal with them. I clear my energy with them. I have them around my home to clear the homes energy. I sleep with amethyst and rose quartz under my pillow at night. I create jewelry with them. And I wear them on my body so that they are part of me. Every day without exception, I wear gemstone bracelets on either one or both wrists. In the morning, I decide what gemstones I am drawn to and I put my stack on accordingly. I playfully refer to them as my “Wonder Woman” bracelets because they inspire an empowered feeling and mindset in me. Whether you believe in the energetic properties of gemstones or not, they are undeniable symbols of empowerment with deep meaning. The choice is yours if you are willing to open your mind to their beauty and their positive potential.

It is a matter of personal taste whether you wear one gemstone bracelet for a more subtle look, or prefer to stack them up. Here is what a recent stack of mine looked like.


This stack is particularly meaningful to me. It features my zodiac sign (Leo) and gemstones (sunstone, rhodochrosite, pyrite) that resonate with Leo. It also includes a dolphin charm on a bracelet that I have had for many years. In addition to being a fire sign, I have a grand trine in the water signs in my natal chart which the dolphin represents. This was my “Wonder Woman” stack for that day. :)

I invite you to consider gemstones as useful tools of empowerment as well being a unique way to express the essence of who you are. Here is a link to my zodiac bracelet collection and bracelets collection if you would like to take a look at what  my jewelry line offers. 

Passion + Purpose = Progress

These are exceptionally trying times for us all. It is my sincere hope that we all keep following faith over fear. The more we remain in faith that “this too shall pass”, the stronger our resilience will be. The opportunity given to us now is to find the treasures in these trying times. What tools do you have within you and at your disposal to help strengthen your resolve? Many people are connecting more then ever before (albeit virtually) as a result of physical distancing. Connecting virtually and sharing positivity via social media is a wonderful way to keep good energy flowing. In the words of Desmond Tutu, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Overwhelming the world with good instead of letting the virus do the opposite is a brilliant idea to me. We all have the power to make a difference in whatever small (or large) way we are able. Look how much the young, yet wise, Greta Thunberg has accomplished by pursing her passion and speaking up for the planet. She exemplifies that passion plus purpose equals progress

I’d love to hear what tools or techniques you use to keep feeling happy, healthy and empowered in mind, body and soul. Please share your ideas in the comments below.  

With love and soul, 





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