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HAIR ACCESSORIES are having a heyday right now! Barrettes, hair combs, headbands, scrunchies you name it they are everywhere. From simple to more ornate styles you have your pick of choices.

I am loving that GEMSTONE hair ornaments are not just for bohemian souls anymore! They have found their way to mainstream fashion looks, and they are perfect for upcoming holiday parties. Not only are they beautiful adornments but they possess all the wonderful energetic properties of the gemstones they are created with.

Adding hair jewelry to a simple hair style takes it from ordinary to outstanding!  I have picked three looks that could be worn from day to night. The hair style fashion shots are from a Soul Expression Jewelry board on Pinterest.  

Hair Style Look #1 - One Side Up


  • Photo of Lily Collins from Pinterest.
  • Accessory Suggestion: "Northern Lights" hair comb. Find titanium plated quartz crystal hair comb here. 
  • Occasion: Suitable for a casual day, or dressy night. 
  • Energetic Properties of Flame Aura Quartz Crystal:  It is believed to amplify energy and provide clarity of thought.   

Hair Style Look #2 - Hair Pulled Off Face With Headband 


  • Photo from Pinterest.
  • Accessory Suggestion: Freshwater pearl and crystal headband. Find the navy pearl and crystal headband here. 
  • Occasion: Suitable for casual day, or a night out.  
  • Energetic Properties of Freshwater Pearls: They are a symbol of purity, honesty, tranquility and wisdom.  

Hair Style Look #3 - Messy Bun to the Side

  • Photo from Pinterest
  • Accessory Suggestion: Green peridot wire wrapped hair combs. Two combs that may be worn separately, or together. Find period gemstone hair jewelry here. 
  • Occasion: Suitable for casual day, or a night out. Gorgeous for the holidays!
  • Energetic Properties of Peridot - The energy of peridot is connected to the solar plexus, and the heart chakra. It helps to promote a feeling of joy in the wearer. It is often called the stone of "positive vibes". 

Hair accessories are a beautiful way to incorporate gemstones into your look. They provide fashion, function, and feel good vibes. They are the perfect option for a work event, or a holiday party where you could use some extra energetic support. :) You won’t only look outstanding, but you will FEEL wonderful.  What more could you ask for ?! Find the entire hair accessories collection here. 

Have fun with your hair jewelry. Get creative. What is your favourite way to wear hair accessories? I’d love to hear how you style them in the comment section below. 

With love and soul,





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