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You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” C.S. Lewis. This quote holds more meaning for me now then ever.

I have always believed that our soul is the essence of who we are, and that it is eternal. I recently had an experience that validated the concept that we are souls having a human experience, and that our souls continue on after our bodies have expired.  It is wondrous to realize the power of the energy of our souls, and comforting to know that our connection with our loved ones is not over when they pass before us.

Messages From Spirit

I attended a workshop in Canada recently with a medium who was visiting from Australia. His name was Rhys Wynn Davies. It was an amazing experience. It was a small gathering of people, and I was sitting in the front row. Over the course of the workshop, Rhys connected with several spirits who were related to audience members. He gave them clear evidence that he was speaking to their loved ones.

It will be four years this coming December since my father passed away, and I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of hearing from him. While he was alive, he was a man who was comfortable dealing with factual information. As an actuary who worked in the life insurance industry, he was a whiz with statistical calculations. Growing up, whenever my father and I had discussions of a spiritual nature, his viewpoint was on the skeptical side. Was I ever blown away by what happened! My dad came through in spades. He gave many, many, pieces of evidence that it was him.  Rhys conveyed my dad acknowledged that he was skeptical about spiritual things while he was alive, but that now he was amazed he could communicate in spirit! That was incredible for me to hear on many levels. It was a wonderful experience to witness Rhys Wynn Davies give messages from spirit that day. It really solidifed my beliefs about the power of the soul. It was Edgar Cayce who said, “Each and every Soul will become consciously aware of the ability to communicate with the Divine.”  After connecting with my dad in spirit that day, these words really ring true. For more information about medium services, visit the website of Rhys Wynn Davies here.  

Soul Expression Jewelry

The name of my company, my business mantras, the inspiration for my jewelry designs, all relate to what I truly believe. One of the very first pieces of jewelry that I created was my "Soulmates" necklace. It was created with two vintage butterflies linked together. The butterfly in many traditions is a symbol for the soul. The design and meaning of this necklace has evolved. I have expanded the meaning to include not only soulmates, but all soul connections (i.e. soul family, or soul tribe) that are meaningful and important. View the linked butterflies soulmates moonstone necklace here. 

The "Soul Shine" necklace created with one butterfly below is a beautiful reminder to shine your light brightly out into the world. View the "Soul Shine" butterfly moonstone gemstone necklace here. 

I am sharing this story with you because it is comforting to know that our soul, and the souls of our loved ones live on. It is also a good reminder to make the most of the present time you are given. Find a way to do more of what makes your soul happy in your everyday life. Live your truth, and express your soul, in the power of now.   

If you have a wonderful similar story, I'd love to hear it. Comment down below! :)

With love and soul,




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