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Happy New Year! Here we go on a new decade! It was at the beginning of December last year that I came up with what my theme was going to be for 2020. I began a daily practice of meditating several months ago. At the end of each meditation session I ask an open-ended question about what insights are meant for me that day and I write them down. The theme that came to me straight away was “clarity”.  In numerology, 2020 carries the energy of a “4” which is all about creating stability and solid foundations. Clarity makes sense for a theme this year because it relates to the energy of the number 4.  I have listed some ideas and gemstones that will help to promote greater clarity of mind. 

Clean It Up 

There are a lot of things you can do to help you get better clarity of mind. Something that makes a huge difference to me is CLEANING UP things in my environment and getting more ORGANIZED. I started doing this last month when pulling out the decorations to begin decorating for Christmas. I ended up packing up and donating a lot of things from the past. Everything that I looked at that stirred up negative memories of a time and place that wasn’t pleasant I let go of.  This may be done with clothing, furniture, decorations, bedding etc. I have always been very good about moving out my clothing as an Image Consultant, but I tend to forget a bit about doing it with other objects as well.

When it comes to cleaning things up, it is a good idea to look at the relationships in your life as well. Are there people in your life whose presence is always draining or negative? Do you have any one-sided relationships with people, or relationships that may be described as passive-aggressive or worse? If the role people play in your life is negative or causes you major stress, I would consider either limiting (setting boundaries) or eliminating interacting with those people. Clarity is much easier if you are not being overwhelmed by energy suckers in your life.

Think about what other activities will help to support you in maintaining a clearer state of mind. MAKE A LIST of these activities and consciously make time for them every week. For instance, having a healthy work-life balance in your schedule is very helpful. Make time to get outside and BE in nature is another idea. These are two things that I need to make more of an effort to do this year.

Gemstones for Clarity

I use gemstones to support and clear my energy. Quartz crystal is well known for helping to promote clarity of mind. Apatite and tanzine aura quartz are two other gemstones that are very helpful for this purpose. There are links below to the pieces I have created with these gemstones.

Link to "Clarity" blue apatite and pearl dangle earrings here. 

Link to "Clarity" blue apatite and crystal choker necklace here. 


Link to tanzine aura quartz and swarovski crystal choker necklace here. 

When our mind is clear, we are able to look around us and notice the small miracles and blessings that are in our everyday life. Wayne Dyer said it very well. “Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.”

Are you ready and willing to make more room for miracles in your life? I am. If you are too, let’s get started!  It all begins with clarity and stepping into a miracle mindset.

Wishing you an abundance of energy and clarity of mind as you embark on your new year. Is there anything that you have done on a regular basis to help maintain a clear mindset? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

With love and soul,





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