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A full moon is happening this week, in the very early hours of Saturday September 14th EDT. It is the closest moon to the fall equinox. It is often referred to as the “Harvest Moon”.

Moon Sign Astrology

This full moon this month is in the sign of Pisces. In an astrological chart, the moon governs how we relate, and respond to things emotionally. If your sun sign is in Taurus for instance, your moon sign could be in something else. My moon sign is in Pisces. It is seems fitting that I chose to write about the moon this month. :) 

Astrology involves so much more then just what your sun sign is. There is a website called (I have been using it since the early 2000’s I believe!) where you can find out what your moon sign is in your natal chart. You will need your birth date, and where you were born to create the chart. If you have your time of birth as well, then you can find out what your rising sign is. Even if you don't know what time you were born, you are still able to find out what your moon sign is. I also like to check out the free “Short Report Forecast”. It explains what transits are affecting your natal chart at the moment. Having an astrological chart done by an astrologer gives you much more detail. I have always considered an astrological chart similar to a "blueprint" of a building that an architect creates. Lorraine Anne Hughes is a gifted psychic that I have known for many years. She also creates astrological charts for clients. Check out the website of Lorraine Anne Hughes here if you are interested. 

I knew about the importance of the moons energy through astrology. It wasn’t until I became more involved with crystals that I started to align myself with the phases of the moon. My increased involvement with crystals began about twenty years ago. There was a bookstore in Yorkville in Toronto called “The Omega Centre” that I frequented at lunch time for many years. It was located just around the corner from where I worked. I spent a lot of time there, and it opened my eyes to all things metaphysical. 

Energy Cleanse by the Moon

Crystals have energetic properties. They pick up and absorb energy from the environment they are in, and from whoever they come in contact with. Some crystals transmute negative energy better than others. It is a good idea to cleanse crystals on a regular basis to reset their energy to its natural state. Exposing crystals, and gemstone jewelry, to the powerful energy of the full moon is a wonderful way to cleanse them. You could put them on a windowsill overnight during a full moon, or outside on the ground if the weather is good.  

The full moon’s powerful energy is a wonderful time to cleanse your energy, and release energetically what is no longer serving you in your life. Anything that is emotionally draining to you, or highly dysfunctional in nature, is something to consider releasing for your highest good. Reflect on what you need to release, be thankful for the lesson in the experience, and then let it go with intention. It is possible to do this through visualization. Some people like to do a small ceremony around the releasing process. I like to light a candle, gaze at the moon for a bit, then write down my thoughts. I speak aloud what I would like to release, and then I get rid of the paper. I hold and wear quartz crystal when I am speaking my intentions out loud. Quartz crystal is wonderful for mental clarity, and it also amplifies the energy of intentions. I have a couple quartz crystal pieces in my shop. The “Manifestation” earrings are beautiful. They were seen in the "Amazing Canadian Fashion" magazine. Find these quartz crystal dangle earrings here. 

Photo by Brogan McNab

Aligning Intention Setting with the Moon

The full moon is an opportunity for letting go, and the new moon is an opportunity to welcome new things into your life. Many people write down their goals at the start of each month. I align my goals, and my intentions, with the new moon each month when the energy is ideal for manifestation. I do a similar routine as during the full moon. I write down, and speak aloud my intentions, and incorporate crystals into the process. 

The moon is an ancient, and sacred, way to connect with the rhythm of nature, life, and the universe. It definitely has deep meaning in my life. Enjoy the coming full moon, and all of the beauty it has to offer you. "The moon is the reflection of your heart and moonlight is the twinkle of your love." Debasish Mridha

Do you have any moon related practices that you find beneficial in your life?  Comment down below. I'd love to hear them!

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