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I began my handmade jewelry business "PIC Creations" just over six years ago. It was born out of my love for the beauty, and inspiring energy of gemstones. I always believed that gemstones were not only beautiful for adornment, but that they are tools of empowerment. Wearing them on your body enables you to tap into their unique energy. 

"PIC", in the name PIC Creations, was derived from my company that was called Phoenix Image Consulting. I was an Image Consultant (Personal Stylist), and my purpose was to help people discover the colours and style that would represent who they were in the best possible light.

The logo for my business was a phoenix. It is a symbol of transformation, and empowerment. These were the qualities that I wanted my clients to experience through the image services I provided. There is absolute truth in the statement, "When you look good, you feel better."  My love for gemstones gradually shifted my emphasis from image consulting towards my jewelry company. 

New Website | Soul Expression Jewelry

I am excited to be sharing with you today that I am launching my jewelry business under a new name, Soul Expression Jewelry, and on a new website! I am thrilled to be taking this step forward. Soul Expression Jewelry is a handmade jewelry line created with gemstones, and symbols that are intended to make a meaningful connection with the wearer.

My "Zodiac Collection" remains a signature element of my line. It is based in my long-time interest in astrology that began in my early teens. All of my pieces have a unique vibe, or a story to tell. They are either limited edition, or are one-of-a-kind. 

It is my intention that while wearing my pieces, my clients feel inspired to let their soul shine. Our soul is the essence of who we are. In many traditions, the butterfly is a symbol for the soul. This made a butterfly the perfect logo for my new business name. In the logo, the body of the butterfly is an infinity symbol. This represents the eternal nature of the soul.

I created two mantras for the Soul Expression Jewelry brand. They are, "Live Your Truth", and "Express Your Soul". They were inspired by my belief that a life filled with joy is possible when we are living in alignment with who we are, and when we are shining our light into the world. 

To celebrate this new evolution, I am offering everyone that subscribes to my newsletter, 15% off their first jewelry order!  In newsletters you will receive updates about new product, notice of promotions, and the latest news from blog posts. 

I will continue to share good vibes and inspiration on social media. Like, and share my social accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest so that we may get, or stay, connected! :)    

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