New Year Energy | Age of Aquarius

“Be curious, not judgmental.” Walt Whitman

Happy New Year! 2021 is the year, astrologically speaking, that energy shifts to the Age of Aquarius. This means that the period we are now in will be influenced by many Aquarian qualities. I have always admired Aquarians for their free-spirited, mentally curious, and humanitarian-oriented essence. The above quote by Walt Whitman is representative of this new Aquarian energy.

In this blog I  talk about how I feel about the new energy for 2021, the purpose of our soul, and a gemstone that is excellent for working with and wearing this year. 


Aquarians are by nature curious rather than judgmental as a first response to unfamiliar things. They are inclined to gather information about their object of interest (whether it be a person, place, or thing) rather than make assumptions. I wrote a blog about “The Aquarius Soul” if you would like to read more about Aquarius qualities.

If you find astrology intriguing and would like to learn more about how astrological influences affect the collective as well as you personally, I suggest looking at the work of a professional astrologer. There are many good astrologers out there. I quite like the detailed work of Pam Gregory.

New Year, New Energy

I have approached this new year in a different fashion than ever before, in a more subtle way with an emphasis on in-sight. I set new intentions for the year (which I do ever month in alignment with the new moon) but the energy around my intention setting had more of a positive sense of detachment. I set them and easily released them.  

I believe my improved ability for detachment around intention setting is a result of the work I continuously do to grow as a human being (it will look different for each person) and by getting better at releasing old ways of responding to situations. The new energy we are now in is more supportive to everyone who is wishing to evolve.

The past year was intensely influenced by the pandemic. It was challenging for everyone in many ways. We are not finished with it yet. Hopefully, we have learned from last year and will approach this year in a more proactive way by doing what needs to be done to minimize the spread of the virus so that it will no longer be a collective threat. A more humanitarian perspective that is indicative of this new age is timely for dealing with this crisis. I am hopeful that over the course of this year there will be an improvement in this situation.

Shine Your Unique Light

I hope that this new age will usher in a time where humanity finds it easier to accept differences amongst their fellow human beings. I have never understood why it has been so difficult for humanity to accept differences in others. It seems like this quality has been with humans since the beginning of time.

I have always been fascinated by what I could learn from people who are different from me. How mind-numbing would it be if we ALL looked, acted, spoke, and thought the same about everything? Exposure to diversity and new ideas is helping to wake the world up from a deep sleep. I feel that there is extraordinarily little that humans need to be the same about except perhaps a shared belief that all humanity and living things deserve mutual kindness and respect and that we all have the same survival requirements to live on planet earth.

If people used “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Luke 6:31 as their moral compass imagine how different many situations would be? This is referred to as “The Golden Rule” and indeed it is a shining example that stands the test of time. If the Age of Aquarius is about the world adopting a more humanitarian perspective, I am all for it. I look forward to this evolution for the human race.

It's Time For Shaming To Go

My final thought to share here is do not “hide your light under a bushel” to make other people more comfortable, or for fear of being shamed by others. Know that there is a good chance that people who shame others are insecure because they have been wounded in some way and they are responding to you from this wounded place. It could also be behaviour they have learned from an influential person, or people, in their life. (i.e. family, peers etc.)   

If you experience shaming (it may come in many different forms), realize this possibility, and keep shining your light. If it is too much for you to handle reach out to a source that you can trust to let them know what you are experiencing. If you don’t know someone personally to reach out to there are many good sources out there. (For example  Kids Help Phone 

The intent of shaming is to humiliate or belittle someone (often in a public fashion) to make the person shamed (and other witnesses) feel that that there is something inherently wrong with the person who is being shamed.  Shaming may occur in subtle and overt forms and towards all ages and genders. It happens in both personal and professional settings. This is an age-old phenomenon. We are now in the Age of Aquarius, it's time for this mean spirited, low vibe, and outdated human tendency to go.  Keep shining your unique light bright my friends whatever it looks like. You were born to shine!

Soul Purpose

Your unique light won’t resonate with everyone and that is ok. It is better to be yourself than to dim your light in order to fit in everywhere and with everyone. Try thinking of it this way. By being your UNIQUE self, you are doing a service to humanity. Being YOU is providing others with an opportunity to have a new experience. :) There is no other you! Experiential learning is a way for humanity to raise its vibration. It is by seeing and experiencing diversity in terms of how people look, dress, think, speak, act etc. that humanity will become less inclined towards divisiveness.

I have faith in humanities ability to evolve. It involves a willingness to see beyond a singular perspective and movement towards a unity-oriented consciousness. Bottom line is that we all share a common place in the human race. What your status or wealth is in society doesn't make you a better, more evolved person. Are you kind? Are you loving? Are you respectful to your fellow human beings? At the end of the day your wealth and status won't go with you when you leave this earth. But your soul is infinite. It will carry the energetic imprints (love, joy, peace etc.) that YOU created while you were here. 

Gemstones to Express Your Soul 

Gemstones are wonderful tools for empowerment. Staying true to who you are takes inner strength. Carnelian is an awesome gemstone for encouraging courage and creative soul expression. I created this statement necklace below to symbolize embracing your unique essence and bravely expressing who you are, and your creativity to the world.

Carnelian Gemstone "Express Your Soul" Statement Necklace

I wish everyone an inspiring and empowering new year. Here’s to new beginnings! Is there anything new that you are planning to do this year for personal development and soul expression? I’d love to hear about it! Please share in the comments section below. 

With love + soul,








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