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When I think of Cancer souls, two things come to my mind right away. The phrase “Home Sweet Home” and the image of someone smiling amongst their plants in the garden.

Their home is their haven that restores their soul and nurtures their well-being.  It is quite common for Cancerians to have a “green thumb” with respect to gardening, or to have a desire to have a wonderful garden created for them.

In this blog, I will talk more about Cancer qualities, gemstones that resonate with them, and the jewelry I have created for them. I have created two zodiac pieces that would make beautiful birthday gifts for someone special. Dear Cancers, don't forget to treat yourself on your birthday! :)

The Moon Governs Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon governs our emotions, how we respond to things, and our unconscious feelings and motives. The moon is a nurturing feminine energy that represents our inner mother.

People who are born with the moon (or sun) in Cancer are sponges for emotional feedback. They have deep emotions themselves and they pick up the emotions of others very easily. This heightened emotional sensitivity may knowingly (or unknowingly) affect their moods. They will feel the vibe of a room walking into it. Experience is an excellent teacher for learning how to distinguish between their feelings and the feelings they are encountering around them. 

Establishing boundaries with others is beneficial for keeping their emotions grounded. Cancerians have a tendency to lose themselves when caring for others because so much of their energy is invested in the other person. They are natural rescuers for people and animals.  Giving all of their energy to others is very depleting. It is important for them to give to themselves as well as an act of SELF-LOVE. When they are a full vessel that gives to themselves, as well as others, they are stepping into their highest potential. 

You may find out the zodiac sign that governs the moon in your natal chart by going to They provide free natal charts on this website.  

Cancer Associations

Here are some associations for Cancer. Some (or most) of these may apply to varying degrees depending on the individuals natal chart.

Cancer Characteristics

  • Element: Water
  • Symbol: The Crab – It is usually depicted as a sideways “69” to represent crab claws.  
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Sensitive to feelings. (Their own and others.) 
  • May go into their shell if they are feeling defensive, or hurt. 
  • Intuitive
  • Empathetic 
  • Caregivers
  • At times they are prone to excessive worrying which may lead to obsessive nurturing of others. 
  • Home is their sanctuary.
  • Enjoys food, and interested in learning about nutrition. I am inclined to hazard a guess that quite a few chefs are Cancers or have a strong Cancer influence in their charts. 
  • Plants, and being in the garden brings them peace and joy. 
  • Their ability to tap into feelings serves them well in artistic pursuits such as acting etc. (i.e. Meryl Streep is a Cancer)
  • Loves animals.
  • Finds history intriguing.  
  • Enjoys travelling to experience new cultures, food etc.
  • Decision making takes a bit longer for them because they move side to side inching towards deciding. (i.e. Think of how a crab moves forward)
  • A natural appreciation for the value of money. Capable of being good savers, and investors.
  •  When they are comfortable with people they will show a humourous and silly side to their character.  

Gemstones for Cancer

Some gemstones that have a strong resonance with Cancer are ruby, emerald, moonstone, amber, carnelian, chrysoprase, rhodonite, rose quartz, pearls, aventurine, moss agate, fire agate, pink tourmaline, calcite.

I chose to create my pieces with MOONSTONE to align with Cancer’s governing planet the moon. Moonstone has many wonderful associations. It is believed to be a stone of protection for travellers, a gift for lovers, and an excellent energy to work with to enhance intuition.

Find moonstone Cancer zodiac bracelet here. 


Find moonstone Cancer zodiac necklace here. 

Believe in Your Power

Nelson Mandela had incredible depth, wisdom and internal strength. There are many wonderful quotes by him. I was drawn to the quote, “I am the captain of my soul”. It shows his understanding of where power lies. It is within our soul. Believing in this truth is not only empowering, it is transformative and life changing. 

No matter what external situation a person is presented with, they have the power to choose what they are going to believe about it, and how they will respond to it.  2020 has proven to be a year that is testing everone in many ways. It is forcing people to look at what they value, and what they will stand for. The phrase “stronger together” has been a rallying cry to get through the pandemic. It is a phrase that applies to everything.

The time we are now in is demanding that humanity realize that there is no way forward other then together. I have never understood how one human being could think that they had more rights then another. To me, anyone who believes that is lacking the quality of empathy. They are showing that they have a limited, uninformed and narrow mindset.

It is time to begin healing the wounds of the past, by courageously moving forward and growing together. Will it take an alien invasion for human beings to finally realize that we are all on the same team? (There are many good movies out there that will give you a visual representation of this concept. :)) We don’t need an alien invasion for this to happen. Right NOW is our wake-up call. As human beings it is in our power to BE better by DOING better. 

Nelson is an example of a Cancerian leader who lived his life true to his essence. Cancer is a cardinal modality which represents the energy of leadership and initiating movement. Cancer as a cardinal sign leads by example with the heart. Emotional connection is used to inspire and motivate others. No matter what challenges and obstacles he faced he remained a leader in the way he handled himself and his circumstances. A true leader does not need to use force or manipulate the facts in order to get people to follow their lead. A true leader INSPIRES people to want to follow their lead by their vision, their words, their empathetic understanding of others, and their actions.   

I leave you with this final quote by Nelson Mandela. “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” May we all takes these words to heart. When times are difficult it is easy to be led by our fears. It takes strength to follow a hopeful path that leads to a higher place, with a better view. My sincerest wish is that we all follow this path. Let's walk it together.     

I'd love to hear what you admire most about Cancerians. Please share in the comments below. :) 

With love + soul, 






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