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 “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

It takes time for a seed to go through all the stages of germination. What the seed produces is worth the wait. It will eventually development into a beautiful flower, or an amazing plant.

Capricorns embody this quote and ideology naturally. They approach life in a very grounded way. They understand the value of patience, and that gradual movement towards their goals will eventually lead to the fruition of their desires.

Patience is their gift. Externally they may appear laid back, but don’t confuse this with disinterest. They have within them a strong ambition to succeed at whatever they set their sights on. Try telling them that THEY can’t do something, or that it is impossible to do. They will do it. And they will show you how it is done. :)

In this blog, I will talk more about Capricorn qualities, gemstones that resonate with them, and the jewelry I have created for them. I have created two pieces in my zodiac collection for Capricorn that feature a sterling silver Capricorn symbol and a gemstone that resonates strongly with this sign.  These pieces are a unique way to express the Capricorn soul. They make meaningful birthday gifts for a special Capricorn in your life. 

Capricorn Qualities

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Symbol: Capricorn is depicted as the sea goat. The symbol is shown as the hoof of a mountain goat and the tail of a fish. A mermaid’s tail is  associated with the sign of Capricorn.
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • They have a grounded, down to earth approach to life.
  • They are determined and patient. This enables them to commit to long-term projects and relationships.
  • When they are young, they appear more serious than their peers. As they mature, they loosen the reins a bit on how they project themselves. In general, they are more serious with people that they don’t know well. When they are with good friends and family, they let their inner goofiness out. They do enjoy fun; it is just that they need to be with their tribe to let loose.  
  • Their bonds to whoever they are close to are deep rooted and leave a lasting imprint. They will not detach from these people easily.    
  • Their work is a core value for them and a big part of how they create their life. They have a strong ambition to reach the top of whatever field they are in.
  • They have an appreciation for “old world” artifacts, books etc. They are the zodiac sign that still likes to read hard cover books in the digital age that we are now in. 
  • They will have moments where they are reflective and nostalgic about their past.  
  • They tend to be collectors of things that they value, are of interest, or they think may be useful to them. This could lead to an environment that feels a bit crowded with stuff. :)
  • They are a cardinal sign which is a sign of leadership. They like to be in control of situations that they are involved in.
  • Routine brings them comfort and they can live with a schedule easier than some zodiac signs.
  • If there is a problem to resolve they can think rationally and not let their emotions take over.
  • They are practical thinkers but they can be quite artistically inclined. There are many Capricorn musicians, writers, actors, dancers etc. They are drawn to a wide range of art, music, and poetry. They have an appreciation for indie or fringe artists who are developing a unique style.
  • They are attracted to luxury and prestige and they are aware of status in society. Status equates with accomplishment to them. They appreciate quality items that are expensive. They appreciate the finer things in life, but do not admire elitist behaviour that comes off as condescending.

Gemstones for Capricorn

There are specific gemstones that have a natural resonance with each zodiac sign. Some gemstones that resonate strongly with Capricorn are garnet, ruby, turquoise, agate, peridot, amethyst, amber, azurite, black tourmaline, aragonite, fluorite, carnelian, malachite, obsidian, labradorite, jet, black onyx, smoky quartz, rock quartz, ocean jasper, tiger’s eye to name a few.

There are no rules when it comes to wearing gemstones. Wear whatever you are attracted to. If you are very attracted to a specific stone most likely there is something in the energy of that stone that you will benefit from by wearing it. The cool thing is that I have found that people are naturally attracted to the gemstones that resonate with their signs.

I chose garnet and rainbow fluorite as the gemstones to work with for the Capricorn pieces in the collection. Below is a bit more about the energetic properties of these gemstones.


It is a stone of faith and love. It enhances passion and understanding in a relationship. It opens the heart chakra and encourages a positive sense of self. 

Link to Red Garnet Capricorn Zodiac Bracelet




It cleanses and stabilizes the aura by absorbing and neutralizing negative energy and stress. Fluorite is believed to increase concentration abilities. It helps to balance both mental and physical energy.

Link to Fluorite Sterling Silver Capricorn Zodiac Necklace 

Life Is A Work In Progress

Stephen Hawking was a Capricorn born on January 8th. He was a genius whose IQ matched that of Albert Einstein. As a young adult he was diagnosed with ALS which progressed throughout his life. After his diagnosis with ALS, the doctors gave him 2.5 years to live. What I found remarkable was that he defied the odds that were given to him and lived to the age of seventy-six. He continued to work right up until the end of his life. 

It seems clear to me that Stephen Hawking’s work in physics and cosmology gave his life meaning, and fuelled his determination, and will to live. His ground-breaking work connected him to something larger than his own life and became his legacy.  Stephen Hawking is a high-level example of how connected and meaningful work is to a Capricorn soul.

Stephen Hawking said, “We should seek the greatest value of our action.” If you value something it has meaning and purpose associated with it. This quote reminds us to be mindful of how much time we spend on valuable AND unvaluable activities. Our greatest satisfaction will come from spending as much time as possible doing things that enrich our lives in some way. When we focus our lives on positive feelings and activities it will bring more harmony and balance to our lives.

In many ways, the internet has been a gift during this worldwide pandemic. Although we have been physically distanced from others, we still have been able to stay connected through the internet. The internet is an example, though, of how it is important to be mindful of where you are spending your time and energy. As James Redfield said, “Where Attention goes, Energy flows, Where Intention goes Energy flows!

Make sure what you are focused on is not a “black hole” of negativity. If something creates a continuous source of discord within you consider reducing your exposure to it, or shifting your focus away from it entirely. As per Stephen Hawking, think about whether you are getting the greatest value from what you choose to focus on. :)

Capricorn season begins near the end of the year and transitions us into the new year. This is the ideal time to think about goals and plans we would like to make personally and professionally for 2021. Are there any changes you would like to make? Think about how you would like to spend your time in all areas of your life. Is there something that you would love to do more of before, or after, the pandemic has subsided? Are you unsure what lights your inner fire in the present time? Perhaps some self inventory would be good to review the kinds of things that appeal to you?   

Life is a work in progress. With each year, hopefully, we are learning more about ourselves and becoming more aware of who we are at our core. I believe growth never ends. We are always evolving and transforming if we continue to stay open and allow ourselves to do so. The essence of our soul is a constant but the external expression of it adapts with each new stage we are in. 2021 is at our collective doorstep. I encourage you to unearth the desires within you wanting to be expressed.

You are a unique, multi-faceted, gem. Wipe off any dust that has settled on your heart and soul this year and get ready to shine brightly next year. You have always been the one you have been waiting for.  Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2021!

What quality do you admire most about Capricorns? I’d love to hear in the comments below.  

With love + soul,




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