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When I think of Leos, the phrase by Shakespeare “All the world’s a stage…” comes to my mind. And in fact, there are a great deal of Leos in the entertainment field. A larger than life personality may be true for some, but it is not the case for all Leos. Each individuals expression of their "Leo-ness" is unique to them.

Astral charts, within astrology, provide a blueprint that shows people their potential. Astral charts, in addition to life experiences, have an influence on how every person evolves over time. It is what we choose to do with our potential and the experiences that we have been given that ultimately shapes our reality. Go to  if you are interested in seeing what your personal astral chart looks like.  You are able to create a free astral chart for yourself on this website.    

In this blog, I will talk more about Leo qualities, gemstones that resonate with them, and the jewelry I have created for them. I have created two pieces in my zodiac collection for Leo that feature the Leo symbol and gemstones that resonate strongly with this sign. 

Connect With Your Creative Soul

Whether a Leo is outgoing, or on the quieter side of the spectrum, I believe a common thread amongst them is that they have an innate desire to CREATE, and to present their creations to the world. This creative expression may take many forms. Their playing field is wide open. 

If you are a Leo (or anyone) who hasn’t found a creative pursuit and would like to, think back to the activities that you liked to do as a child. There usually are some clues there. I have heard it said that the things you loved to do as a child are close to your heart’s desires. That is certainly the case for me. 

It is a shame that often creative past-times are left behind as we evolve through our adult years and we focus on the more practical applications of living. I get that practical applications are important, however, creative expression is important too. It keeps the creative element of our soul alive and awake. Many adults forget how to be playful, how to dream, and how to see the world through the eyes of wonder. These are all creative qualities that children have. Over time, these qualities are slowly lost, or are submerged by other priorities that take precedence.  

J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series of books, has incredible creative talent. She is an example of a Leo who harnessed the power of her imaginative inner world and brought something wonderful to life. Her books touched the hearts and minds of children and adults all over the world. When you are in alignment with your authentic self, and expressing yourself from this place, you are in harmony with your soul. The energy that flows from this creative space is downright magical. :)

Leo Associations

I have known a fair number of Leos over the years. Below are some common themes that may (or may not) be expressed to varying degrees. 

  • Element: Fire
  • Symbol: The Lion – The symbol is meant to represent the curved spine of the lion. 
  • Planet: Governed by the sun.
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Leo rules the heart, spine, and upper back.
  • Generous
  • Emotional and warm-hearted.
  • Love romantic gestures and romantic settings.
  • Young at heart. An ability to be playful. 
  • Loyal to people close to them.
  • A high degree of energy and passion for what they love. (i.e. important personal relationships, pets, charities, a career they love, developing hobbies etc.)
  • Creative – A natural affinity for the arts.
  • Fiery (Only add fuel to their fire if you want more of whatever they are feeling fiery about.) 
  • All or nothing attitude. They will put their whole heart into something they choose to be involved in, or they won’t get involved at all.   
  • Proud. They don’t like to depend on others. This could be taken too far, and they need to learn how to accept help from others.  
  • Impulsive at times due to being caught up in the moment, or being in an excitable mood. :)
  • Patience is something learned as they evolve.
  • Mindful of being well groomed. They often have an interest in fashion and style.
  • An inner strength that is available to them when needed. 
  • Well suited for being in an occupation that enables them to be their own boss.

Gemstones for Leo

Some gemstones that have a strong resonance with Leo are black onyx, peridot, ruby, pyrite, turquoise, citrine, fire agate, jasper, amber, carnelian, garnet, labradorite, larimar, rhodochrosite, sunstone and tiger’s eye to name a few.

I chose to create my pieces with black onyx and pyrite. Black onyx resonates with the root chakra and is excellent for grounding and feeling a sense of security. Pyrite is a gemstone that is excellent for the solar plexus chakra that strengthens focus and determination. Both are very protective gemstones which help shield someone from negativity.  


  Find black onyx and pyrite gemstone Leo zodiac bracelet here. 

Coco Chanel – Express Yourself

Personal style is a way to express your uniqueness in the world. To stand out in a sea of sameness. As per the words of Coco Chanel, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." There is no doubt that when you stand out from the crowd, you are more memorable. And when you are a true representation of YOUR unique identity, chances are, you will leave a distinct and enduring mark.

I believe there is value in this quote as it applies to society in general. By encouraging people to interpret and showcase fashion in their own way, it is assisting with an an increased acceptance of differences in society. The likelihood is greater for developing accepting vs. judgmental attitudes and behaviour  towards differences when it is common place to see them around you.

It is interesting to note how fashion may be used to show individuality AND solidarity that you are participating in a movement. In the case of wearing masks during the pandemic we are in, it is a show of support and compassion for your fellow human beings. It is a display of your willingness to do your part to help save lives. Masks have been made more fashionable in order to encourage people to wear them but their purpose is simply to save lives and stop the spread of the virus. It is the intelligent and empathetic human being who realizes when to stand out for themselves and when to come together for a greater GOOD for everyone. 

Coco Chanel is an icon who was ground-breaking in terms of her contributions to the world of fashion. Her ideas were revolutionary for her time.  She was a Leo born in 1883 in France. Despite her difficult beginnings (she was put into an orphanage at the age of 12 because of the death of her Mother) she used this experience to fuel her future endeavours. It was in the orphanage that she learned how to sew from the nuns. 

I admire her strength, resilience, and vision. She remained true to who she was and followed her dreams into uncharted waters. 

Here are a few remarkable facts and contributions she made in her lifetime.

  • Her birth name was Gabriel Bonheur Chanel. Before she became a fashion designer she was a cabaret singer for a short time. She acquired the nickname "Coco" which stayed with her for the rest of her life. 
  • She inspired woman to abandon uncomfortable clothes like petticoats and corsets and to adopt more comfortable attire.
  • She made pants for women fashionable. She inspired a unisex style of dressing. 
  • She made the colour black (previously only worn at funerals) popular and created "the little black dress". 
  • She became famous for the Chanel suit, the quilted purse, the bob hairstyle, wearing costume jewelry, and developed the first signature designer fragrance. 

There are quite a few Leos who have a passion for fashion. As we have seen from the example of Coco Chanel, fashion at its best, is a very empowering tool.  Personal style is a way to embody on the outside your internal essence.

Use fashion to shine your unique light brightly for all to see. The world benefits from being exposed to a vast and diverse symphony of light. 

What is your favourite quality about a Leo that you know?  I'd love to hear in the comments below. 

With love + soul,  






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