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I have had a keen interest in astrology since I was about fourteen years old. That is why the zodiac collection is a signature part of my jewelry line. I have created bracelets, and necklaces with sterling silver zodiac charms, and gemstones that resonate with each  sign. I want to talk a bit about the key qualities of Scorpio before highlighting the jewelry pieces. 

Scorpio Qualities

  • Element: Water
  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • Modality: Fixed
  • 3 Animal Totems: Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix
  • Intense, and passionate.
  • Mysterious, and secretive. 
  • Ambious.
  • Loyal, and protective of loved ones. 
  • Independent. 
  • Intuitive, and psychic tendencies. 
  • Very direct, and truthful expressing their thoughts and feelings. 
  • Tendence to be unforgiving if betrayed. 

Karmic Astrology

Even if your sun sign is not Scorpio, you may have Scorpio influences in your astrological chart. That is the beauty of astrology, there is so much more depth of information then just what your sun sign is.  In my chart, my south node is in Scorpio. Many years ago, I had a natal chart analysis done that was referred to as "karmic astrology". This type of astrological analysis focuses on the meaning behind what zodiac sign is in your south and north node. The south node refers to your souls pattern from past lives, and is represented by a zodiac sign. This zodiac sign speaks to the gifts and the challenges that you bring with you from past lives. The north node refers to your souls potential, and is represented by the zodiac sign that is exactly opposite from the sign in your south node. The attributes of the sign in your north node speak to what you need to learn to promote the growth of your soul. If you are interested in finding out what your north and south node are, and what that means in terms of your souls pattern and potential, I recommend reading “ Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller which is available on Amazon. 

Gemstones for Scorpio

There are specific gemstones that resonate strongly with each zodiac sign. This does not mean that you aren’t able to wear ANY gemstone that you are attracted to. It simply means that some gemstones have a natural energetic affinity with your zodiac sign. Gemstones that have a strong resonance with Scorpio are malachite, black obsidian, moonstone, topaz, rhodochrosite, jasper, agate, labradorite, peridot and turquoise to name a few. I chose malachite as the main gemstone to work with for my Scorpio pieces. I outline below the energetic properties of malachite, and also the Scorpio pieces that are part of my line.

On a side note, I have had clients who purchased two different zodiac bracelets to wear together because one bracelet relates to their sun sign, and the other relates to their moon sign. (i.e. Virgo and Cancer) This enables them to express themselves in an even more personal way, AND benefit from both gemstones! A great idea! 

Link to sterling silver unisex malachite Scorpio bracelet in shop. 


When malachite is worn it is believed to create a protective energetic barrier. It helps to absorb and clear negative energy around you and within the body. Malachite is said to clear and activate the chakras (in particular the heart chakra) and assist with tapping into spiritual guidance. It is thought to stimulate creativity, and assist with letting go of old patterns, inhibitions, and negative experiences.  

 Link to sterling silver malachite Scorpio necklace in shop. 


I really enjoy creating jewelry with gemstones that resonate with each sign. It is my intention that these pieces connect with the magic, and mystery that is Scorpio.    

Do you have any Scorpios in your life? What quality do you admire most about them? I'd love to hear in the comments below. :) 

With love and soul,





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