MOON GODDESS  Crescent Horn Moon Bracelet - This beaded gemstone bracelet is created with tourmalinated quartz stone beads. This is a powerful gemstone for clearing and amplifying energy. For moon lovers, this bracelet symbolizes working with the energy of the moon for empowerment, manifestation and energetic cleansing purposes. The crescent horn moon symbolizes the moon in astrology. 

*The Moon Goddess is a sacred figure to many cultures around the world. It is represented by different Goddesses depending on the culture.*

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Tourmalinated Quartz - This gemstone is a combination of clear quartz and black tourmaline. The clear quartz amplifies the ability of black tourmaline to clear out negative energy making it an excellent talisman to wear as an energy shield.  Its energy clearing abilities help to promote clear thinking and psychic protection. 

- Stretch bracelet.
- It fits approximately 7.5". (This size is considered a women's medium).
- Stainless steel crescent horn moon charm that measures approximately 15 mm in width and length.
- Tourmalinated quartz beads that measure approximately 6 mm each. This gemstone is a combination of clear quartz crystal and black tourmaline. 
- One stainless steel stardust accent bead that is 8 mm. 4 shiney stainless steel accent beads that are 6 mm each. 

**If you would like the bracelet made larger or smaller please email me before purchase.**

**NOTE: Measure your wrist (with measuring tape or piece of string) and add UP to about an inch to determine the appropriate size for your bracelet. How much you add to your wrist measurement will depend on how loose you like to wear your bracelets.** 


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Crescent Horn Moon Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet

Crescent Horn Moon Tourmalinated Quartz Bracelet