"Phoenix Rising" Necklace - The focal point of this necklace is a stunning amber and agate dangle with a gold plated stainless steel tassel. The chain is created with red coral and accented with gold freshwater pearls. This necklace is a striking combination of red and gold which are the colours of the mythical phoenix bird. The phoenix is a symbol of empowerment and transformation. Red coral is associated with the root chakra which is where we derive our personal power. 


Red Coral - It is a symbol of life energy. It is said to give wisdom and protect the wearer from the negativity of others and also during travel.

Amber - It is said to be good for success, abundance, healing, vitality and joy. It also brings the energies of protection, love and calmness to those who wear it.

Freshwater Pearls - They are a symbol of purity, honesty, tranquility and wisdom. They are said to enhance personal integrity and aid with concentration and focus.

- Necklace measures approximately 33 inches in length.
- Tassel dangle measures approximately 4 inches in length.
- Gold plated stainless steel chain tassel that measures approximately 2.5 inches in length.
- Red coral beads that measure approximately 8 mm each.
- Gold freshwater pearls that measure approximately 6 mm each and 8 mm.
- 3 irregularly shaped pieces of amber. Two are translucent and one piece is opaque.
- Two round beigey/gold agate beads that are approximately 8 mm each.
- 4 gold clear crystal beads that measure 6 mm each.

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Red Coral and Amber Gold Tassel Long Necklace

Red Coral and Amber Gold Tassel Long Necklace