"Calm Strength" Necklace - This black lava rock spike diffuser necklace is a striking statement piece that may be worn long or short.  Intermingled amongst the lava rock  are hematite spacer beads. Apply the essential oil of your choice to the lava rock spikes to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. The stainless steel chain may be worn long, or wrapped twice to wear as a shorter statement necklace.
The addition of essential oils  to this striking piece makes it FEEL as empowering as it looks. 
Photo #5 - "Calm Strength" diffuser dangle earrings find here
USING ESSENTIAL OILS ON THIS NECKLACE - Apply a drop or two of essential oil on to the lava rock spikes. The stone will then take on a glossy look. Enjoy the benefits of the aroma all day, or perhaps longer depending what essential oil you chose to use.
NOTE: Try essential oils on the spikes on the outside edges first. Spikes will take on a glossy look when the oil is applied.
Lava Rock - Lava rock (also known as Basalt) is the physical embodiment of fire. It started as molten lava and formed into rock. It contains the energy of both fire and earth. It is a stone of strength and courage. It is helpful for maintaining a sense of stability when encountering changes in life.

Hematite - It is a grounding and protective stone. It strengthens ones connection with the earth promoting a feeling of safety and security. It encourages courage, strength, endurance and vitality.
- Stainless steel chain. The chain has a stainless steel lobster clasp on each end. To wear as shorter piece, wrap the chain twice around the necklace and attach the lobster clasps to the jump rings at each end of the lava rock piece. See photo #2.
- Worn long the stainless steel chain measures approximately 31 inches in length. Attach both lobster clasp together to fasten the necklace. See photo #3 to wear it long.  
- 7 Black lava rock spikes that measure approximately 1 inch each. 
- Shiny hematite spacer beads that measure approximately 6 mm each in width. 
- Shiny hematite spacer beads that are approximately 3mm each. 
- Stainless steel necklace findings.  


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Steel Chain Lava Rock Diffuser Statement Necklace

Steel Chain Lava Rock Diffuser Statement Necklace